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I was recently asked to write a guest (blog) post for After writing the post and becoming more familiar with the company (and the services they provide), I decided to write a short review of them as well.

But just what and/or who is QuietSphere you may ask?

Answer: QuietSphere is a United Kingdom company much like this blog (, in that it has been created for university students, in order to help them navigate and cope during their university years.

What can QuietSphere offer me?

Answer: The following is an insert/quote taken directly from the QuietSphere website;-

“We can help you:

*Develop confidence to find and make awesome friends to share the journey with.

*Find out how your housemates can help you to become more employable.

*Learn how to keep the peace if things aren’t going as planned in your student digs.

*Build relationships with your lecturers and tutors so you get the grades you deserve.

*Use your brain to get the skills employers are after” -(

For a small membership fee you will get “access to:

* QuietSphere’s on-line member’s area 24/7
* Interactive videos with expert advice on building and maintaining positive relationships
* Supporting audio’s and text files
* Practical and relevant tips on meeting new people
* Insight into the world of lecturers and what they expect from their students
* Advice on how to use your university relationships to improve your soft skills
* Interviews with experts for knowledge power up
* Friendly and genuine support from a team who have been there and know what you’re going through” (Quoted directly from

After checking out the website, reading the added testimonials and corresponding with one of the staff members (Sophie), I can honestly say that QuietSphere seems to be a good, professional mentoring site for students.

I however did not have access to the membership areas, so I unfortunately cannot vouch for those.

Therefore, based on the information I had and the areas of the site I could access (as well as my correspondence with Sophie), I would give the site a well deserved 6 ½ out of 10.

Go and check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think.

Till next time, take care

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  1. LOL not a bad review but why on earth would students need a page or website like that? I mean what is the point if you can get all the things it offers online for free? I checked it out and see nothing special that it offers.

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