Always remember, grammar matters!

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So many students tend to forget half of what they learn during their years of formal study. This is especially true if they deem what they have been taught as being unneeded or unnecessary. These days unfortunately, proper grammar usage tends to fall into that category of being something “not really worth holding onto” in the eyes of many.

Why is grammar important? Grammar imageJust look at the world around us, it’s filled with slang and other horrid language usage just where you turn. We are exposed to it in the movies we watch, on posters we walk past daily, in the lyrics of songs we listen to, in magazines we read, on social media and unfortunately on many websites we visit, to name but a few.

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It is for just this reason that I have decided to write this piece in order to warn you not to let go of your impeccable grammar, as doing this can and will severely affect your life, as well as your future. The main reason why proper grammar is so important is simply because it is the very foundation on which any successful communication rests. Even the slightest grammatical errors can cause various misunderstandings as these errors might severely alter the meaning of what you are trying to put forth.

Why is grammar important? Always check for spelling errors imageProper grammar is also a sign of professionalism. A good example of this would be visiting a website with abysmal grammar, and then visiting one on/in which the grammar is absolutely perfect. Which one would you deem as being the most professional in nature? Exactly, you would naturally see the one on which perfect language structure was used as being the most professional of the two.

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This rings true in day to day life as well. If you speak and write using perfect grammar, others will deem you as being professional. The opposite applies of course for less than perfect grammar.

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Using proper grammar also makes one seem more intelligent in the eyes of others. Say for instance there are two gentlemen who walk into a job interview. The first one is highly intelligent although his grammar usage whilst speaking leaves a lot to be desired. The second person on the other hand is a lot less experienced than the first with a much lower IQ to boot, however he possesses the skill of being able to converse with others using perfect English. Who is going to stand out more and come across as being the most intelligent candidate during the interview though? Well let’s take the story a little further and see.

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Both candidates are given the same question, which is; “in what way do you think you can benefit this company should you be hired?” The first man answers by saying, “there’s lotsa ways I gonna benefit your company, because I’ve lotsa skills and stuff”. The second man simply states, “I shall benefit this company by being loyal and giving my utmost”. I think it’s quite clear by now which of these imaginary candidates comes across as being the most intelligent. It is also quite clear which one will be offered the fictional job.

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Proper grammar usage makes you memorable and boosts your reputation as well as creating a lasting and great first impression. Therefore whatever you do, hold onto your language standards and ALWAYS make sure to practice good grammar.


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Extra note of advice: If you face serious issues with proper grammar usage, consider using an online grammar checker for your formal typed documents. Grammarly is a good choice, but there are tons of other equally good resources online. Just do an internet/Google search for more.

Your University/College Should Suit You – How to pick the right school

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How to pick the right school – What so many students don’t realise is that picking a university/college is the same as picking your friends or partners. How? Well, not every university/college is the same, in that each varsity has its own “vibe” and finding the one whose atmosphere fits your personality best is just as important as finding friends/partners you have things in common with.

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So then, just how do you figure out which school is THE school that is right for you? Well it’s much simpler than you think:

1.Visit a few schools well in advance to get a “feel” for them – In your final year of school, make arrangements to visit various universities you have an interest in, so that you can see how you feel about them. Then ask yourself which of the schools you think:
a) fit your personality best
b) you will be the most comfortable at
c) have people in them that are similar in personality to you
d) you can see yourself spending three or four years at
e) offer the best academics
f) have the best courses
2. Then, once you have decided on a few that fit you best, do the following things before sending out your letters of application:
a) try and hang out at the local pubs, eateries or other establishments in the varsities’ areas to get a feel for the nightlife/social life
b) speak to a few of the varsities’ students to find out more about the schools (and to further get a feel for the types of people who attend these)
c) make sure that you will be able to afford the schools you have chosen to apply to
d) make sure that you will be able to afford housing in the area/areas
3. Finally, once you have your final selection of schools, ask yourself one more time if there are any that you don’t see yourself fitting into completely. Then, throw those you reject out of the pile if any. Once done, proceed to write a great letter of application/motivation for each application and send these off.
Remember, it is important to send out your applications in a timely fashion (the earlier
the better).
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Good luck and I hope you make it into the university of your dreams!
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How to pick the right school – Note: Further blog postings to follow regarding the proper way to write the letters of application/motivation mentioned above.

 How to pick the right school -. Edit: Remember to only pick a school once you are sure about the field you wish to study in. For those in doubt see ‘What are my passions? What should I study? 

Forty great essay (composition) topic ideas

Good old essays (compositions). We had to write them in school and now (in more volume’s than ever), we have to write them in university/college.

I never really minded writing essays, however, I hated coming up with topics to write about, when none were given. That is why I thought you (my readers), would appreciate a nice little list of “not so common” essay topics, for each of the four main types of essays you have to write in varsity/college.

Here is the list:

Descriptive Essays – (essays that describe something – paint a mental picture)

1) My favourite places/destinations in the world (and why they are my favourite/s)
2) My favourite foods or different food flavours (and how they compliment each other)
3) What I look for in a potential boyfriend/girlfriend (looks wise, personality wise, style wise etc.)
4) What I look like to myself, when I look in the mirror (face and body)
5) The ugliest dog (or other animal) I have ever seen
6) What my dream house will/should look like one day
7) How I would change the world (if I could change anything and/or everything about it)

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays – (essays meant to persuade or convince others)

1) Why extreme dieting is bad for you
2) Why marijuana should be/shouldn’t be legalised
3) Why my favourite (presidential) candidate should win
4) Why rapists should receive life sentences
5) Being a vegetarian is better than eating meat
6) Abstinence is the only real “safe sex”

Narrative Essays – (essays that tell a story about an experience or that reveal stages in a plot)

1) My first day/week at university/college
2) The first time I went to a party/my first date
3) What happened on my worst date ever (NB: Keep it clean!)
4) The best day of my life (so far)
5) The worst day of my life (so far)
6) My best Christmas/holiday

Expository Essays – (essays that investigate and explain/describe facts)

1) Events that took place during 911, World War 1, Word War 2 and/or The Great Depression
2) Why global warning is taking place/happening
3) Factors that caused/contributed towards, the hole in the ozone layer
4) Why too much sugar is bad for you
5) How and why smoking cigarettes causes cancer
6) The causes and effects of acid rain


Sometimes we are given a broad topic we are meant to write an essay of our choosing about. Since this can also be daunting, here is a list of some of the popular topics you might be given, with ideas of subtopics you can write about:

Education                                                                                                                               1. Problems in the current education system                                                                           2. The value of education                                                                                                       3. Self education versus university/college                                                                           4. Special education needs                                                                                                   5. What having an education means to me

1. The value of our oceans
2. The importance of animal and/or nature conservancy
3. Pollution: Causes of pollution and/or the effects of pollution
4. Global warming
5. Lesser known exotic plants and/or animals

1. Why do we have to pay so much tax?
2. What does it mean to be president?
3. What are the duties of a president?
4. Do we really need a government and/or why we need a government
5. The value of affirmative action


And that is that. I hope you will find some of the given topics useful the next time you need to write an essay/composition.

Take care and happy writing
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