Some festive recipes!

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Hi all! I suppose some of you were beginning to think this site had reached its end, because we have been inactive for so long. I’m glad to announce ACKY’s is still very much alive and kicking and we are here to stay! Now isn’t that great news for the festive season?!

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The reason we have been dormant is simply because we were moving; and setting up a nice Wi-Fi connection again proved to be an even bigger challenge than studies can be! However, as you all can see we are back and ready to post even more useful content for our student following.

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Since it is almost Christmas I thought it would be fitting to post two new recipes that won’t break the bank, since let’s face it, students aren’t exactly rolling in the dough [yet]! Enjoy!

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Recipe 1 – Cold Cut Christmas

Ingredient list:

Some assorted cold deli or lunch meats (amount will depend on how many people you are catering for. Use your own discretion).
A large pack of cherry tomatoes
One large block of gouda/sweet milk cheese
A jar of pickles/gherkins
One jar of pitted olives
Two packs of crackers or biscuits (personal preference)
One large plastic, metal or glass platter
1 tub of budget ice-cream or sorbet
450 ml milk
One instant pudding packet

Method: Simply roll and place the cold cuts in the platter and add the other ingredients to form a pretty arrangement. Mix the pudding packet (as per instructions on the pack) with the milk and chill until set. Once your guests are done eating your festive platter, dish up some ice-cream/sorbet and serve with the pre-made pudding. This is a fantastic way to have a budget yet classy Christmas, especially in warmer climates.

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Recipe 2 – Traditional Budget Christmas Lunch

Ingredient list:

1 pack chicken thighs/drumsticks (about 8 thighs/drumsticks)
1 tsp chicken spice
260 ml mayonnaise
260 ml chutney
220 ml boiling water
1 packet white onion soup powder
6 large carrots (cleaned/peeled)
5 large potatoes (cleaned/peeled) or 15 mini potatoes washed and unpeeled
1 ½ cups of white rice

Method: Start off by washing the chicken pieces and placing them in an oven proof casserole dish. Then pour the 220 ml water into a mixing bowl. Add the soup powder and chicken spice to the water and whisk rapidly until thoroughly mixed (no clumps). Once mixed add the chutney and mayonnaise to the soup/water mixture and stir. Pour the mixture over the chicken pieces, cover with lid and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for approximately thirty to forty minutes (depending on oven used).

When you have placed the chicken in the oven, you can start to prepare your vegetables. Cut the potatoes and carrots into bite sized chunks and place these in a steamer for 30 minutes. Alternatively (if you don’t have a steamer) place the carrots and potatoes in a pot of boiling water and cook on a stove top (medium heat) for between 25 and 35 minutes (depending on the stove used) until firm but soft.

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Remember to boil your rice in some water on a stove top (until cooked) as soon as you have started cooking your vegetables and chicken, as rice can take a while to cook nice and fluffy.

Once the chicken is done, remove the lid and brown/grill the chicken further to your personal preference, being careful not to burn the chicken. NB: Always make sure chicken is cooked through and not pink inside as it can make a person very ill. Serve and enjoy!

Note: After you have served your meal you can offer your guests an unusual dessert of pudding cups on which you have pasted a personal festive message.

Happy holidays everyone!


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