How to curb your homesick blues

Leaving home and going to university/college can be quite a big adjustment and many new first year students find this transition an incredibly hard one to make; often leaving them homesick. However, you can make your move a little less daunting by following these tips:

  1. Arrange to have a Skype session with your family/friends at least once a week during your first four months of moving to college. This way the distance between you and your loved ones will not seem so huge
  2. Keep regular contact with your nearest and dearest on social platforms/apps such as WhatsApp. We are living in the age of technology so make use of it. You mom will in anyhow most probably harass you endlessly on Facebook and WhatsApp; just like you never left home!
  3. Try and make new friends ASAP. This is easier than it sounds if you just know how. Sign up for and get involved in various social clubs, go to every meet-and-greet you hear about and just be active in college live in general; you are guaranteed to meet new people this way.
  4. Make your room/surroundings more homey by bringing your own curtains and bedding from home, adding a plant or two, putting up posters, pinning photo’s of friends and loved ones to notice boards (or the wall); anything that makes the ‘living space’ feel like your own.

Good luck and remember, being ‘the new gal/guy’ is not something that lasts forever; neither do ‘the homesick blues’.


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