Aptitude tests to discover your passions: On-line and self-made

Since my “What are my passions? What should I study?” post (dated 7 February 2016), I have further explored my aptitude for psychology studies. This helped me come to the conclusion that I am perfectly suited for psychology studies as well as a career in psychology. Not only this but I have an aptitude for writing and photography as well.

How I came to my conclusions was by doing various career aptitude tests. Some I created myself (to discover my TRUE passions/interests) and some I found on-line (which I could answer truthfully using the knowledge I gained during my self-made tests). This whole process was very interesting and lots of fun!

As mentioned above, what I did firstly was to create a few aptitude tests of my own, as to enable myself to really think long and hard about my interests as well as my abilities. This was fairly easy to do and really did help me to be truthful with myself about not only the things I am passionate about, but also the things I now know I will be able to do (and do well). It doesn’t really help much if we have an interest or passion but we totally suck at it, and by creating your own self-made aptitude tests, you  enable yourself to not only ask questions about your interests/passions, but also your abilities regarding these. Always answer the questions you ask yourself truthfully because, honestly, if you don’t, you will just be lying to yourself.

Note that your self-made tests should not only be done once but should be repeated at least three times a week at different times. This reason for this being that you might change your mind as your mood changes. If all your test answers come out fairly the same each time you repeat the questions/tests, you can then proceed to use the knowledge gained to complete as many free on-line career aptitude tests as you can find. This whole process will give you a fairly good and accurate idea of what your true passions/interests are and if you should study/pursue these.

So just how do you make a self-made aptitude test? Well it is really simple, you start of by asking yourself a few questions that will force you to think (and answer) truthfully regarding your true interests/passions, AS WELL AS your ABILITIES regarding those interests/passions. An example of these questions are as follows:

1.) What do I really enjoy in life that I can see myself studying and then following a career path in?

2.) Do I have enough passion and interest in this/these (needed to study and follow a future career in this/these line/s or field/s)?

3.) Am I honestly capable of doing this (studying/career wise)?

4.) Are my chosen interests/passions something that can be studied and followed as a future career?

5.) Have I ever achieved anything in life regarding this/these passion/s or interest/s? (Note: For instance I held various trophies in high school for English and writing, plus I achieved very high percentages for my writing in university and I have had some poetry published Et cetera – I regarded things like these as achievements when answering this question).

6.) Am I sure I won’t get bored or tired of studying this/these (interests or passions) or bored or tired in/of a career in this/these line/s?

The above are just a few examples of questions you can ask yourself and/or add to your self-made tests. Think of other questions you could add that will help you to think hard and honestly about your passions/interests and abilities.

Some people might read this and say that they don’t have any interests and passions (and use this as a further excuse of why they never studied or even attempted to study), this however is total bull. we ALL have interests/passions, we just don’t always realise what these are. For instance if you enjoy cooking or gaming, those are your passions/interests. Just think carefully, be honest with yourself and then ask and answer a few questions such as those given above.

Remember, although all the “experts” in the world might be able to give you some guidance and advice regarding yourself (and what you might be interested in or good at), only YOU can truly find the path that is your destiny.

Good luck and happy testing.


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