The end of year “Holiday Mode Curse”:- How not to lose your study interest

During long holiday breaks, many students tend to lose some or all of their interest in studying. Why this happens is because studying is incredibly boring in comparison to just about any other activity we chose to do during our off time.

No matter how we try and “fun it up” the fact remains that no candy coating will ever make studying even half as interesting as even the most mundane of tasks/activities we undertake during our holidays.

Many students even quit their studies after long periods of recess, so just how can we ensure that we don’t lose our passion/will to study and become part of the statistics? Well, your self control has a lot to do with it, however there are a few tips and tricks you can try such as:


  • Read up on some of next terms work during your holidays, in the evenings before going to bed. If you are starting a new year after hols and don’t have your study materials as of yet, simply turn to the internet to read up some interesting facts or latest developments in the field you are studying. By doing this, you brain goes into the same mode as when you are studying at varsity/college. You will still be in “holiday mode”, but not to the degree that your study priorities/life are forgotten.

  • Discuss your studies with your family or friends once in a while during your break. This way your educational endeavours will always remain in your subconscious, as opposed to your brain pushing thoughts of your studies into the furthest, darkest corners of your mind.

  • At least once a week, take a time-out where you just sit with a cup of coffee and reflect on all your long term goals and remind yourself of why you are actually studying.

  • Put up some varsity/college reminder items. Items such as school posters or flags; even photos or flyers from the most recent epic party will work as long as you have something up on the wall that constantly reminds you of your fabulous life at varsity/college.

And there you have a few basic ideas of how not to lose your passion/interest for resuming your studies after your vacation time is over. If you can think of anything else to add, feel free to do so below in the comments section.


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Always remember, grammar matters!

So many students tend to forget half of what they learn during their years of formal study, especially if they deem what they have been taught as being unneeded or unnecessary. These days unfortunately, proper grammar usage tends to fall into that category of being something “not really worth holding onto” in the eyes of many.

Just look at the world around us, it’s filled with slang and other horrid language usage just where you turn. We are exposed to it in the movies we watch, on posters we walk past daily, in the lyrics of songs we listen to, in magazines we read, on social media and unfortunately on many websites we visit, to name but a few.

It is for just this reason that I have decided to write this piece in order to warn you not to let go of your impeccable grammar, as doing this can and will severely affect your life, as well as your future. The main reason why proper grammar is so important is simply because it is the very foundation on which any successful communication rests. Even the slightest grammatical errors can cause various misunderstandings as these errors might severely alter the meaning of what you are trying to put forth.

Proper grammar is also a sign of professionalism. A good example of this would be visiting a website with abysmal grammar and then visiting one on/in which the grammar is absolutely perfect. Which one would you deem as being the most professional in nature? Exactly, you would naturally see the one on which perfect language structure was used as being the most professional of the two.

This rings true in day to day life as well. If you speak and write using perfect grammar, others will deem you as being professional. The opposite applies of course for less than perfect grammar.

Using proper grammar also makes one seem more intelligent in the eyes of others. Say for instance there are two gentlemen who walk into a job interview. The first one is highly intelligent although his grammar usage whilst speaking leaves a lot to be desired, the second person on the other hand is a lot less experienced than the first with a much lower IQ to boot, however he possesses the skill of being able to converse with others using perfect English. Who is going to stand out more and come across as being the most intelligent candidate during the interview though? Well let’s take the story a little further and see. Both candidates are given the same question, which is; “in what way do you think you can benefit this company should you be hired?” The first man answers by saying, “there’s lotsa ways I gonna be able to benefit your company, because I have lotsa skills and stuff”. The second man simply states, “I shall benefit this company by being loyal and giving my utmost”. I think it is quite clear by now which of these two imaginary candidates comes across as being the most intelligent. It is also quite clear which one will be offered the fictional job.

Proper grammar usage makes you memorable and boosts your reputation as well as creating a lasting and great first impression. Therefore whatever you do, hold onto your language standards and ALWAYS make sure to practice good grammar.


Academics Can Kill Your Sanity 2017